Hi, you have reached Austin’s site.  I made this for some fun and to show my school and tech projects, also pictures are always good.  I may not be as travel happy as my friend Lev (check him out at levdusseljee.com), but I love technology, and outdoors so feel free to poke around.

If you are a future employer checkout career.austinshea.com(**coming soon**), however feel free to poke around here.  If you find anything offensive enough here to not hire me, thats probably a good thing, saves both of us time.  I want to work for a progressive company that is not afraid of there employee’s having there own unique lives.  I want to be hired for my skill, not the amount of people I know.

Please note site is under construction, especially the Wiki, so if it looks like things are missing your not going crazy.

Contact email: mail@austinshea.com


Austin Shea


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